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Macworld Review of Blogs -- GL Recommended

  • Monday, June 09 2003 @ 01:04 am EDT
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Received the July '03 issue of Macworld magazine and wanted to let folks know that it features a 5 page article (starting on page 77) comparing "the top 7 Weblog systems", which includes GeekLog. It doesn't look like they've posted the latest edition's reviews on the site, so you might want to sneak a peak at your local newsstand.

The article is pretty thorough and compares Blogger Pro, GeekLog 1.3.7, iBlog 1.2.5, LiveJournal, Movable Type 2.63, pMachine Pro 2.2.1, and Radio 8.0.

It highlights GeekLog's strengths and weaknesses compared to the other systems. GL makes it to the top 4 and is recommended for its power and collaborative features (although they note that it does require more technical skill to set up and operate). As a whole I thought it was fairly accurate and well-balanced. Kudos to the GL team!