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Is this a real community?

  • Sunday, May 25 2003 @ 08:31 pm EDT
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Geeklog Hi Geeks

Ok.. so 3 developers and myself, are still trying to decide on whether to go with GL. They have their techical issues, I have my feature and cultural issues. I thought I would share my.

1) How can Geeklog present itself as this geewhiz cool community, if it can't even mount a forum? You have a plug in. Why not use it? 90% of all board traffic at probably 50% of the sites on the planet are forum driven. So why is this tool not even present on your main site? And using articles as a primary question and answer forum--especially with newbies--is a mystery beyond my ability to fathom.

It's almost like you're worried that real discussion threads would make ya look bad. A week ago, I pointed out that you had no feature list anywhere. Can't someone among you find a moment to even put up a bad one?

Why not not create a section called "About Geeklog." With your cool system, that should take rougly 20 seconds. Then you have at least an area for people like me to say "where the hell are the forums?"

There isnt' another CMS out there that lacks a forum on its site that I recall. Just you folks. I'm sure you have your reasons. I'd love to hear them.

2)How many users does a member have to scroll through on their preferences screen, before you provide a new page to handle the list. It's dumb enough on Slashdot. But to them, that's cool. Here, it's just silly. I have never seen a more insulting slap at a user. All I want to do is change my password or settings. If I wanted to shut off authors, I am a big boy, and can find the "Select Authors" button.. if only you'd provide one.

3) Since you refuse to provide any summary of features and core modules, could someone please tell me if ANYONE has written any kind of storefront/ecommerce solution?

If I sound cranky, it's only because I like this product. But the sheer number of silly things disturbs me, given that you present yourself as so sensitive to your geekers. I'm not seeing that. I'm seeing people impressed with what they've done, but not pushing things forward with much discipline or drive. I know all too well that open source initiatives are not easy, and the time can be hard to find. But there is all this talk of the future, and frankly, the past still needs a LOT of work.

I'm just giving you my gut right now. I do respect your project, efforts and goals. I would love to see this project really soar. To get there, I think you need less pilots, and a few more good mechanics with an eye for detail.


[Addendum sent by the author]
Sorry.. in my post I said "change my password at" personalize. I mean't theme.
Doesnt' matter though. The author list is ridiculously long to be embedded in someone as general as "preferences".