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Chalkboard 1.1 released!

  • Tuesday, March 18 2003 @ 06:20 pm EST
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Announcements Ive been bugged in email, on the phone, and even on irc to release my eggdrop quote script and the chalkboard component for geeklog...so here it is. It includes the eggdrop quote.tcl, instructions, sample quoteable.quotes files, and the blockquoteheader & blockquotefooter.thtml files which make up the look of a chalkboard..

If you have absolutely no idea what an eggdrop bot is please read http://www.eggheads.org before trying to use this. If you dont know what en eggdrop bot is, or don't have one, you really dont need this script :)

Basically, what it does:
- allows you to add funny quotes, or any other junk you desire to an eggdrop bot from an IRC channel.
- takes your addition and saves it to a file in unix fortune format
- a geeklog phpblock_function will take a random quote from your bots data file and spit it out into a funky chalkboard block.

If you want to see how it looks go to http://www.fragglerock.org and refresh the page while looking at the green chalkboard looking thing. A random quote from my irc channel on efnet will come up. If you want this quote tcl, or want your website to spit out quotes like mine, grab it HERE

Please...please,please,please do not email me asking me what an eggdrop bot is, how to set one up, or stuff like that...its really only meant for people who already know what it is, and have one...if you REALLY REALLY want to know, read the website, and THEN email me.. at least to a little homework on it first...

Please let me know of any comments or suggestions.