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Geeklog in Enterprises?

  • Tuesday, January 21 2003 @ 10:32 am EST
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Geeklog If you peruse the Got Geeked section of our site, you notice a lot of hobbyists posting on the accomplishments with Geeklog. Each week we watch in amazement at how the Geeklog userbase continues to grows and we appreciate how far we have come in the past few years.

However, this begs the question "Is Geeklog ready for Enterprise Action?". We have seen nor heard of very many uses of Geeklog in businesses or organizations. Is Geeklog being used in that arena? If so what are it's strengths and weaknesses on a more professional level? Also, if you do use Geeklog in this manner, a link or - in the case of intranets - a description of how you use it would be appreciated.