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Calendar module in GL 2

  • Saturday, December 14 2002 @ 09:25 am EST
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Geeklog How sweet would it be if the GL calendar could be integrated with the Mozilla calendar or Apple\'s iCal application? Both use the same standard vCal format, so by implementing such capability, it would provide web-based calendars for workgroups, allowing them to share calendars, while not requiring that they enter in duplicate every event (once into iCal, once into GL).

iCal supports published calendars (via webDAV), and there are already projects on Source Forge that are using php to implement web-based calendars. When a user creates an event on the published calendar, it could be syncronized to the GL database.

Just some food for thought. By the way, how is GL 2 progressing? (We\'re we promised weekly updates a while back?)