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Geeklog vs. PHPnuke: A Brief Review

  • Friday, December 06 2002 @ 07:50 am EST
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Geeklog Several people here have mentioned how they tried PHPnuke, found out how much better it is, and abandoned Geeklog forever. Being curious myself, I decided to download PHPnuke and play with it and find out where they were coming from.

Here are the observations I made of how it is better/worse in comparison to GeekLog..

The Good..

  • Topics and sections are seperate entities, just like on the major weblogs
  • So easy to install, absolutely anyone could do it; the config file only has options relating to the database, and everything else is done invisibly to the user by the system
  • Pretty much everything is configurable through the web interface; no need to edit text files
  • Tons of cool modules, built-in and available with no additional downloading necessary
  • Plenty of very nice themes pre-installed, and many more available to download
  • Makes it easy to add RDF feeds..I was able to easily add feeds from my favorite geeky websites to my front page in under a minute, without having to look up their RDF URL.
  • Advertisement, forum, private message, and journal modules built-in, along with countless others
  • Actually has comment and story rating systems, even if they are broken and not configurable by the admin
The Bad..
  • That 'modules' block is just plain annoying, and the fact that its present on so many phpnuke sites reduces the respectability of yours
  • Comment rating system only worked with a select few versions of IE..it didn't work with older versions of IE and every other browser I tried
  • Downright awful security..my regular user account was allowed to rate comments as many times as I wanted, the story rating system's feature to prevent repeat voting didn't always work.
  • Confusing admin system separates admin accounts from non-admin accounts.
Clearly, phpnuke is a very nice system and a powerful rival to geeklog. Now we come to have hardest part: having seen both systems, the soon-to-be weblog admin must choose one. If I were choosing one today, and was forbidden from altering the code of either system to fix annoyances like the ones listed above, I was choose Geeklog because whatever features it has are guaranteed to work right out of the box, and especially because those security-related issues would certainly be abused by my readers to do bad stuff.

However, having the knowledge to fix the problems listed above as I do, the decision becomes much harder and I might just pick phpnuke due to its feature-packedness and the sheer number of extra goodies available.

For my own site, I've already chosen GeekLog for my site while ago, and will stand by that choice.