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Download area gone for now

  • Saturday, November 30 2002 @ 09:25 am EST
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I'm sorry to say that but the "My Downloads" area just erased itself - all the files that have been uploaded here are gone :-(

We try to figure out what happened and get the Downloads area up again ASAP. Until then, if you're looking for Geeklog add-ons, please try squatty.com, langfamily.ca, pigstye.net, gxblock.com, geeksta.com, or, if you can read German, geeklog.info. The actual Geeklog tarballs are still available under the Downloads link.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

bye, Dirk

Update: Okay, the My Downloads area is up again, but only with a limited number of files. I don't think we really lost anything (since all the files should be available from one of the above-mentioned places), it's just an inconvenience. May I ask the plugin authors to upload their works again? Thanks.