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CMS Bridge for Geeklog

  • Monday, November 18 2002 @ 05:09 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Announcements CMS Bridge - Middleware layer for CMS Systems

CMS Bridge is a free software product that allows any CMS to share login information with any application.

The goal of CMS Bridge is to make it easy to write applications that hook into CMS systems, without writing them as dependent modules that work with only one CMS.

A CMS Bridged application will work with any CMS that supports CMS bridge. This currently includes phpWebsite, Postnuke and Geeklog.

Demo: http://geeklog.dbserve.net Support and Download: http://cmsb.dbserve.net


UPDATE: If you have attempted to install CMS Bridge you may have noticed that you do not have access to the PHPBB Admin control panel (does not seem to happen to everyone). You need to apply the following change in order for PHPBB to see the Geeklog Admin also as the PHPBB Admin.

In lib-common file ...


if (SEC_inGroup('admin')) 
if (SEC_inGroup('Root'))

...then the admin panel will work.

 //cmsb section 
    include_once("/home/dbserve/www/gklog1290x/www/bridge/set_handshake.php");  //cmsb handshake 

    //if (pnSecAuthAction(0,'','',ACCESS_ADMIN)) 
    if (SEC_inGroup('Root')) 
      { $cmsb_user_level = 4 ; }     set_cmsb_login($i_login_name="$cms_name" 
//end cmsb section