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Installation Documentation

  • Monday, August 05 2002 @ 10:39 am EDT
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Geeklog I think this issue needs a little clarification...
I attempted an upgrade from GL v1.3.5 to v1.3.5sr2.
The installation doc gives fairly explicit instructions, but has no mention of upgrading the DB (or not upgrading) from this recent version.
So I checked on IRC, and nobody was absolutely positive there.
The installation script had no choice for v1.3.5, so I picked the closest v1.3.4
That didn\'t work.
So I started back up from my backups.
But my point is, maybe this should be more clearly defined in the install docs.
If you guys need someone to \"dummy-proof\" your install docs, I\'d be glad to help. While the existing docs do the job, I think they could be dumbed down a bit for the average user...
All in all though, I\'m continually impressed with the whole GL community and everyone\'s willingness to provide support and new software.