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For something on the funny side

  • Friday, July 19 2002 @ 08:47 pm EDT
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Geeklog Add a little humour to your site with a daily feed from www.quirt.com. The site has a new daily adult cartoons in five languages.

The URL to use for the daily feed is http://www.quirit.com/quiritmatic/quiritmatic.asp?lang=en for the daily english cartoon. Now you can use the URL in a story or create a static page for it. The images are always 340x367 so a bit large for a block.

I created a staticpage for it on my site and then linked the staticpage into the main menu. Using an iframe for the staticpage that floats between the blocks.

Just replace the last keyword to use a different language.


Note: I'll add the actual iframe syntax used in a reply as GL parses it out when posting as HTML.