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STATIC PAGES V1.1 is here !

  • Thursday, July 18 2002 @ 04:35 am EDT
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Announcements The functionality is awesome !

Grab it at GDev

This is a complete rework of Static Pages V1.0 and introduces loads of new features the GL community has been asking for.

Upgrading is also completely seamless, so all your existing content remains untouched. You MUST read the install instructions though, in particular, the part about disabling Static Pages V1.0 BEFORE installing files, or running the install script !

FULLY privs aware:
Every aspect of static pages is now privs aware. This includes search results, menuing, paging, php authoring, you name it. If users aren't meant to see it, they don't. It's that simple.

Menu Positioning:
Now you can determine the order in which pages appear in the menu.

Search Keywords Field:
An additional field has been added to accommodate search keywords. It's primary role is to allow the addition of keywords that don't appear in content, but it's also a security measure to prevent searching of PHP based content.

Now developers can climb under the bonnet and implement whatever they desire with immediate access to GL's internal functions and resources. Allowing modular development without requiring system level access, this is a great way to segregate code, test concepts, and exercise GL's framework. Coupled with privs functionality, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Static.PHP privs feature:
PHP Authoring is, in a nutshell, the most dangerous feature of V1.1, so there's now a Static.PHP privs feature. It allows root to discriminate between PHP and standard static pages authors.

Lateral administration security fix:
The standard version of static pages allows any admin to administer static pages. This has now been fixed, with ONLY Static Pages admins now able to access Static Pages admin features.