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Static Pages Plug-in Released!

  • Friday, March 08 2002 @ 10:55 am EST
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Announcements As promised, we are releasing the first production-level plugin for Geeklog. The Static Pages plug-in will allow you to quickly add semi-static pages to your Geeklog installation. This is great for content that doesn't change often such as security/privacy policies, help files and about us pages. Click 'read more' to see a complete list of features or just go get it now!
    Static Pages Features
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Configurable as to whether HTML is filtered or not and whether or not it passes through the Geeklog censorship system.
  • Administration uses built-in Geeklog security model
  • Optionally wrap you Geeklog header, footer and blocks
  • Tracks the number of hits for the page and the date of last edit
  • Uses Geeklog's HTML template system
  • Easily added links to your pages to your Geeklog header