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A call to arms - Geeklog translations

  • Sunday, September 23 2001 @ 04:17 am EDT
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Announcements As Geeklog gets more popular, there more and more international users, who's first language might not always be english. So to this, we are calling out to Geeklog users everywhere to help us in making more translations of the english language file. We are looking to have a group of core languages such as English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French, Chinese, Russian as well as other widely spoken languages which will be avalible for download.

Since Geeklog is always in development, there may be new things added to the english.php file, but no need to worry. If a certain element can't be found in the current language file, it will default back to english, rather than giving an error - or nothing!

If you feel you can help make translations, please email me and tell me what language you can help translate. I can then send you the current english.php file, along with any further updates needed during development.