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Spam-X plugin 1.0.2

  • Sunday, August 21 2005 @ 12:20 pm EDT
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The Spam-X plugin 1.0.2 is now available for download. This release fixes a few bugs, includes new modules and also implements the necessary name change.

  • Fixed MassDelete module
  • New module to filter spam posts by IP address
  • New module to filter spam posts by the IP address of the spamvertized domain
  • New module to filter spam posts by characteristics of the HTTP header

The tarball also includes an updated submit.php which now filters story, link, and event submissions for spam.

This release is compatible with Geeklog 1.3.10, 1.3.11, and 1.3.11sr1. If you're running the current CVS version (1.3.12cvs), please do not install this plugin but continue to use the CVS version.

Upgrading instructions

  • Disable the Spam-X plugin
  • Upload the new files (contents of spamx/admin/ go into /path/to/geeklog/public_html/admin/plugins/spamx/, the other files from spamx/ go into /path/to/geeklog/plugins/spamx/)
  • Enable the plugin again

Other plugins to fight spam

  • The Bad Behavior plugin can stop certain spambots before they even get a chance to post something.
  • The Ban plugin can block access to the site by IP address, referrer, and user agent string.

Note that the three plugins (Spam-X, Bad Behavior, Ban) approach the problem from slightly different angles and therefore complement each other nicely.

Complete changelog

And here's the complete list of changes in Spam-X 1.0.2:

  • Changed the display name of the plugin to "Spam-X" to avoid potential confusion with the email spam filter of the same name.
    "SpamX" is a registered trademark of Hendrickson Software Components.
  • Added a new module to filter posts based on the IP address of the poster
  • Added a new module to filter posts based on the IP address of the spamvertised site
  • Added a new module to filter posts based on characteristics of the HTTP header
  • Fixed the Mass Delete Spam Comments module
  • The Spam-X plugin's examine modules run the post through html_entity_decode() now in case the spammers try to obfuscate their posts by using HTML entities
  • The Mail Admin action module now also reports the HTTP headers of the post that triggered the spam filter
  • Added a simple stats function (reports the number of posts deleted as spam, and - to the Spam-X Admin only - the number of entries for each module)
  • Implemented an update function for the plugin
  • New Farsi (Persian) language file, provided by Hesam.H
  • New Italian language file, provided by Marcello Teodori
  • New Spanish language file, provided by vivi1123