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New Geeklog Version Checker

  • Wednesday, January 19 2011 @ 02:35 pm EST
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The version checker is the page that comes up when you click on the "GL Version Test" link from the Admin menu of your Geeklog site. It'll tell you whether your Geeklog install is still up to date - hence the name.

This page has always been a bit bland but then again, there wasn't really much it had to do or display. Still, there was this nagging feeling that it could be made to look nicer. And so we put this up as one of several tasks on OpenHatch. Rouslan Placella picked it up and delivered a shiny new version that has now gone live.

In addition to the all-important information whether or not you need to update your site, the new version also displays a nice visual timeline of the recent Geeklog release history, complete with a helpful "you are here" pointer. And all this is wrapped in a new and much nicer design.

Thanks, Rouslan! Nice work.

Why are you still reading this? ;-) Click on that "GL Version Test" link now and try it out (and check if you're still up to date).

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