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Geeklog v2.2.1sr1

  • Thursday, April 16 2020 @ 10:41 am EDT
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Geeklog v2.2.1sr1 is now available for download and is the recommended version for all production sites.

This is a security update for Geeklog v2.2.1 with a few fixes and improvements as well. This is a complete tarball, to be used for fresh installs and upgrades from all previous releases.

There was 14 closed issues for this version of Geeklog which resulted in 68 code commits and 214 changed files. The important new features, improvements and fixes in this version include:

  • [Security] [NA] XSS issue with the Plugin Admin interface (reported by Netsparker.com)
  • [Security] [NA] Issue with the comment library (reported by Netsparker.com)
  • [Feature] [#1016] Staticpages can now be set individually if they will appear in the search results or not
  • [Bug] [#1043] Fixed hardcoded table names in upgrade for Geeklog v2.2.1
  • [Bug] [#1043] Fixed issue where the install would fail in some cases because it did not know where the system directory was
  • [Bug] [#1046] Fixed Users can only be set to certain statuses by Admins
  • [Bug] [#1048] Fixed related Articles are Missing From the Article Page
  • [Bug] [#1049] Fixed Print Pages for Articles and Staticpages javascript crashing issue
  • [Bug] [#1058] Fixed URL Routing for Articles that could cause errors in some cases. Also disabled multiview by default for Apache servers in the htaccess file

... as well as a few other improvements and bug fixes. The complete list can be found on Github and in the history text file located in the docs directory of this release.

To expand on the functionality of your Geeklog website, check out the list of plugins that support this version.