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Geeklog v2.2.0 To Be Released in the First Quarter of 2018

  • Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 08:45 am EST
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We are hard at work on Geeklog v2.2.0 where we hope to see the final release late in the first quarter of 2018.

There are many exciting new features that will be included in Geeklog v2.2.0. These include:

  • Two-Factor Authorization for User Accounts
  • reCAPTCHA Plugin now included in Core and supports invisible CAPTCHA
  • Automatic minifying and combining of JavaScript files and CSS files
  • SPAM-X support for Akismet
  • Support for UIKit v3 (including Denim theme)
  • Plus many more and bug fixes as well...

Update (2018-04-08): We are hard at work on Geeklog v2.2.0 but the release is running a little late. We have added a few more features than planned which pushed things back. It will be out for sure by this summer.

Language Translations

We would also like to put a request out there for translators. If you speak and write another language besides English or Japanese and would like to contribute to Geeklog please let us know on Gitter in the Geeklog Room. Translating Geeklog isn't complicated. Instructions can be found on the Geeklog Wiki or simply ask in the Gitter Geeklog room if you have any questions.

Plugin Developers

Plugin developers please take note: the functions COM_SiteHeader and COM_SiteFooter will be depreciated as of Geeklog 2.2.0. You now need to use the function COM_createHTMLDocument when creating a page. It is a simple process to switch over. See the Core plugins for examples (they have been using COM_createHTMLDocument since Geeklog v2.0.0 I believe). If your plugins don't use COM_createHTMLDocument they will be incompatible with Geeklog v2.2.0.

We hope all plugin developers will have their plugins updated in the next few months to ensure a smooth transition for webmasters to Geeklog v2.2.0. Most (if not all) plugins found on the Geeklog Plugins Github repository will be upgraded to support Geeklog v2.2.0. They will be released before Geeklog v2.2.0 and found on Geeklog.net and Github.