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A word about the Geeklog themes

  • Sunday, October 17 2004 @ 06:23 am EDT
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Starting with Geeklog 1.3.10, Geeklog ships with a new default theme. We've chosen the Professional theme, kindly provided by Victor B. Gonzalez (of Aeonserv fame).

We've also decided to remove the old set of themes (Classic, Clean, Digital Monchrome, Gameserver, Smooth Blue, XSilver, Yahoo) from the distribution. They are now available as a separate tarball.

Once Geeklog 1.3.10 is offically out (after the Release Candidate phase), we will also remove the old themes from CVS and stop updating them. Instead, we would like to ask the Geeklog community to continue to support and update them. If you have any ideas how this could best be accomplished, please post your ideas and thoughts below.

And last but not least, a Big Thanks to the theme authors Jason Whittenburg (Classic, Digital Monochrome, Yahoo), Matt Jones (XSilver), Simon Lord (Clean, Gameserver), and Mark Limburg (Smooth Blue) for their themes which have served us so well over the years.