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Install Geeklog with Softaculous

  • Saturday, August 15 2009 @ 12:10 pm EDT
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Installing Geeklog got a lot easier over time, thanks in no small parts to Matt's work on the new installation script (as of Geeklog 1.5). Making the installation easier still, though, requires some help from the hosting provider. Which is possible now by providing Softaculous to their customers.

Softaculous is a free auto installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin. It allows one-click installation of many popular open source web applications. And unlike other auto installers, it does actually install Geeklog in a secure way.

To make it easier for users of Softaculous to decide on a web application, it also has a rating option. So you can help Softaculous users choose a CMS by going to the Softaculous site and rate Geeklog.

Thanks to Alons from Softaculous for adding Geeklog and listening to our feedback.