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[Spam] Are contact lenses the new fad?

  • Tuesday, April 12 2005 @ 01:32 pm EDT
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Well, we've had spam for porn, pills, and poker - but contact lenses?

Last week, someone actually registered with several Geeklog sites only to post comment spam for contact lenses. I actually thought that was somewhat amusing, but it seems there's more of this coming.

We are now seeing referer spam for a site advertising contact lenses:

Spamvertized site:contact-lenses-x7 DOT com
Domain registered with:Names4ever.com
Site hosted at:,
Global Net Access LLC,
Referer spam came from:,
Global Net Access LLC,

It doesn't look like the two incidents are directly related, though. Last week's spam was for:

Spamvertized site:lens DOT excellentoffers DOT info
Domain registered with:DirectNIC
Site hosted at:,
APS Telecom

I don't have the IP address of that spammer any more, but it belonged to an ISP in Hong Kong.

The excellentoffers site is apparently registered to some Alex Antuacesko in Romania, while contact-lenses-x7 is registered to some Marlon Santos in Seattle, WA. Both addresses may be fake, of course, but at least the Seattle address looks legit.

Anyway, it can't hurt to add both domain names to your Personal Blacklist. And throw in a few key phrases like "contact lens" (so that it also matches "contact lenses"), too, while you're at it.