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Ban Plugin v2.0.0

  • Saturday, November 21 2015 @ 02:48 pm EST
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The Geeklog Ban Plugin 2.0.0 is now available for download.

This release brings many important changes and now requires Geeklog v2.1.1 (works fine with the released version of Geeklog v2.1.1 Beta 1). Please read below to view a summary of these changes:

The Ban plugin allows you to ban people and bots from your website. You can ban a bot/user by IP, Referer, User Agent or Script Name. Case insensitive regular expressions are used to give you great flexibility. The php eregi function is used to do the matches. The Minimum Geeklog version required is now v2.1.1.

The ban plugin should be the first plugin in the Geeklog Administrator Plugin List. If the visitor is banned this saves on having to load the other plugins.

The ban plugin has a API that can be used by other plugins to integrate the ban functionality. Currently the GUS plugin version 1.7.3 or higher and the Forum Plugin v2.9.1 or higher support this.

There are a bunch of new features in this version. All configuration options can be found in the config.php file.

New Features:

  • Bans can now expire. There are short, medium and long banned Time To Live limits which are setup in the config
  • The Stop Forum Spam list can be used to ban any IPs that match. The list can be found here: https://www.stopforumspam.com/downloads/bannedips.zip and the unzipped file must be placed in the directory \plugins\ban\files\
  • The Stop Forum Spam list can be auto downloaded after a specified time period
  • You can now create a white list which if the visitor matches will not be banned
  • The Ban plugin can now auto ban visitors that match certain bot behavior

The Stop Forum Spam functionality is by default turned off. The Stop Forum Spam IP list can be auto downloaded. Please be careful with this and have the appropriate settings, like file permissions, setup and working before hand as if you download the ban list more than 3 times in a day your IP could get banned by the Stop Forum Spam website. The ban plugin download feature is setup to hopefully prevent this from happening.

The auto ban functionality works with the Gus Plugin v1.7.2 and higher. The ban plugin should always be ahead of the Gus plugin in the Geeklog Administrator Plugin list. Please review the config.php for all of the auto ban config settings.

  • User Agents - If IP exceeds x number of different user agents in X number of seconds then Ban. Based on GUS data
  • Hits - If IP exceeds X number of hits in X number of seconds then Ban. Based on GUS data
  • Referrer - Ban IP that matches referrer in X number of seconds and for X number of times. Based on GUS data
  • URL - Ban IP that request matching URL hit X times in X number of seconds. Based on GUS data

Since Google Code has now closed down we have moved the code repository for the Geeklog Ban Plugin to GitHub.

If you find any bugs or wish to request a feature, please add them to our issues tracker.