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Updating your Geeklog CMS

  • Tuesday, July 15 2014 @ 02:08 am EDT
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Announcements Updating one or many Geeklog sites do not must be an issue. This is how I do the job: I prepare the files with the necessary modifications for a single site, then I upload all files by ftp for a first site. I updated this site using the dedicated script and I check everything works perfectly. Then I repeat this process for each site.

Steps to update your Geeklog CMS

1. DB and files backups
2. Download a fresh archive from geeklog.net
3. Extract files from the archive
4. Remove db-config.php
5. Remove backups folder
6. Remove data folder
7. Remove unwanted languages from language folder
8. If needed update your language files (core and plugins)
9. Remove the logs folder
10. Remove the lib-custom.php file from system folder

From public_html folder

11. Remove 404.php file if customised
12. Remove robots.txt file if customised
13. Remove siteconfig.php
14. Remove sitemap.xml
15. Remove backend folder
16. Remove unwanted docs files in the docs folder
17. Remove myconfig.js file from the fckeditor folder
18. Remove unwanted layout from layout folder

Edit your siteconfig.php file to disallow access to your site >> $_CONF['site_enabled'] = false;

19. Upload all the files to your web server with ftp
20. Update your site with the script on admin/install/index.php
21. Check everything is ok
22. Remove the public_html/admin/install/ folder from your web server

Edit your siteconfig.php file to allow access to your site >> $_CONF['site_enabled'] = true;

23. Enjoy new features