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Uploading to your nexFile document repository has just become easier!

  • Thursday, January 21 2010 @ 08:40 am EST
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Announcements Nextide is pleased to announce the immediate release of the Nexfile Windows Desktop Client

Want to speed up the document upload process? Want to download and edit documents on the fly? Then the nexFile Desktop Client is the solution.

The nexFile Client allows users to seamlessly attach to their nexFile document repository and upload documents directly from their desktop. By simply dragging-and-dropping as many files as needed into a configurable monitored directory, those files are automatically uploaded to the nexFile Document repository. The nexFile Client eliminates the tedious one-at-a-time upload through a web form limitation.

Using nexFile's "Download File for Editing" option on any file in the repository allows you to keep an opened version of the file in your PC's nexFile monitored directory while you make live edits to it. Every time you save the file, the nexFile Desktop Client will update the contents in the nexFile repository on-the-fly, keeping your repository up to date.

We have completed a 5min video that is an overview of the full features of the nexFile solution that includes the nexFile desktop client. There are additional tutorials on the user and admin features - all located on youtube in the Nextide Channel.

The nexFile document repository is 100% open source and free.
However the nexFile Desktop Client is a licensable product, but is free to test for 10 days from your download date.

You can download the Demo version of the nexFile Desktop client here.

Documentation can be found here.
For purchasing information, please contact us.