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glFusion v1.0.1 Released

  • Thursday, July 24 2008 @ 10:26 pm EDT
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The glFusion Community is pleased to announce that glFusion v1.0.1 is now available for download. This new release squashes several bugs, makes some cosmetic improvements, and includes other enhancements by the glFusion team.

In addition to the standard full install tarball, we have included a zipped version, and incremental archives (available in both .tar.gz and .zip formats as well) that only contain new or changed files from glFusion v1.0.0. Grab the archive that's right for you at glfusion.org.  Visit the glFusion Wiki for full details on installing or upgrading.

Our intent is to make the upgrade as simple and pleasant as possible for the community, but we know we're not perfect. Should you find yourself needing a little help, feel free to visit our Known Issues wiki page, our Troubleshooting Tips, and post your questions in our active support forum.

glFusion v1.0.1 also marks the last release that will echo the Geeklog codebase. In just a short period of time, the enhancements made by the glFusion Community have proven that trying to keep the code in sync with the Geeklog base is not a realistic goal. We also want to ensure there is no confusion to the community regarding the Geeklog and glFusion projects. As a result, all future releases of glFusion will be developed independently from Geeklog v1.5.0+. We plan to continue in the spirit of collaboration with the Geeklog project, and leverage some of their ongoing code enhancements, and extend the invitation for them to do the same if they wish.

We have transitioned the gl Labs website to the glFusion web site to support this new direction. Mark and I are still happy to continue supporting any of the plugins or themes we've published thus far for Geeklog, but we do not plan on releasing any new updates to those plugins or themes for the Geeklog environment. If you are interested in picking up development of any of these legacy plugins or themes for Geeklog, please feel free to contact us.

While we are extremely pleased with this release, we are even more excited about our next milestone release v1.1.0! For a sneak peek of what's around the corner, visit our detailed glFusion Roadmap. If you would like to submit a feature request or suggestion, please feel free to do so in our Tracker. Our goal is to continue to make glFusion the best that it can be, and to do that we need your ideas, input, and collaboration! Even if you can't write a line of code, we can always use your talents! What are you waiting for, let's make something great together! Join the Dev Community today!

glFusion v1.0.1 Major Enhancements Instance Caching for Stories

glFusion v1.0.1 implements Instance Caching for stories. What this does is that once a story is displayed, a cached copy is stored. This means that each time the story is displayed in the future, glFusion does not have to rebuild the contents, it will simply use the cached version. This should provide another nice performance improvement and also decrease the load on your server.

Online Configuration Improvements

The online configuration system has seen a few improvements based on lessons learned and feedback from the community. You can now disable a feature if you accidentally enable it, for example, the multi-language support. URLs and paths are now checked to ensure they have the necessary trailing backslash (or don't have it in some cases) and that no stray spaces are picked up during the edit.

Advanced Editor Improvements

The Advanced Editor has been upgraded to FCKEditor v2.6.2 which brings some FireFox3 and Opera 9.50 fixes.

We have added a new plugin to the Advanced Editor to allow you to easily insert embedded videos in your story.

We have also added a new toolbar that is used for user contributed stories. This new toolbar gives the user a little more control over the look of their story. We did not include the ability to upload images in this toolbar.

General Layout Improvements

The style sheet has been tweaked a little to better support dynamic sizing (changing the zoom or font size on the local browser). We've also improved the Comment Bar layout to make better use of the space.

You will also see some nice new transparent icons in the Command n' Control screen. These updated icons make things look just a little better and they work well with themes that have a dark background.

Security Fixes

We updated the HTML filter to the latest production version (htmLawed v1.1) and also added some additional filtering to the Forum and Media Gallery search inputs.

We also fixed a bug that allowed a user with the story.edit permission to post stories to topics they did not have permission to write to. Now the user will only be presented with a list of available topics where they have both read and write permissions.

For details on all the changes, please see the glFusion Wiki - What's New section