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CAPTCHA 2.1.1 Released

  • Wednesday, April 25 2007 @ 12:04 am EDT
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Plugins I am pleased to announce the latest release of CAPTCHA v2.1.1 Plugin for Geeklog. CAPTCHA 2.1.1 provides an additional level of defense against spam bots. This new release builds upon the original gl-captcha hack and now provides easier installation and easier integration with Geeklog and other plugins. Version 2.1.1 moves all the configuration options to an online editor, provides the ability to have the CAPTCHA image reloaded to improve the user experience and includes an additional set of simplier static images.

Beginning with CAPTCHA v2.0 there has been a joint effort with the Geeklog development team to add support for using this plugin with several core Geeklog features. Starting with Geeklog v1.4.1 and Forum v2.6, if the CAPTCHA v2.1.1 plugin is installed, you can now enable CAPTCHA support for the following Geeklog functions:

  • New user registration
  • Post comment
  • Email user
  • Email story
  • Story submission
  • Forum Post submission
This integration does not require any code modifications to the Geeklog distribution, support is there out of the box. See the online documentation for more information.