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GL-Utility 1.0.4

  • Monday, March 12 2007 @ 02:20 pm EDT
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Plugins GL-Utility 1.0.4 has now been released. It includes a few bug fixes found during installation as of GeekLog 1.4.1. It also includes a few fixes for sites using url_rewrite and resetting log files not in the geeklog log folder.

New features include a configuration viewer to easily view the geeklog configuration settings as well as a really simple custom autotag feature. The latter feature is far from as useful as the autotag plugin but may satisfy some basic needs.

I would also like to push for the spam-x synchronization feature added in GL-Utility 1.0.3. I have used it for quite some time now, synchrinizing the black lists of several of my geeklog sites. The main advantage of this is that whenever one of my sites get spam that is not caught by the spam filters I can quickly update all the black lists to block further spam attempts on all my geeklog sites.

This feature may be protected by a password if you do not want to share your black list information, bue you may also synchronize against the Plugin CMS black list if you want. Obviously it would be terrific if one of the largest receivers of GeekLog spam attacks (i.e. geeklog.net) would enable synchronization as well. The only disadvantage is that spammers will have the opportunity to see the black list them selfs.