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Forum Version 2.6 RC1 Released

  • Sunday, November 19 2006 @ 11:57 pm EST
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I am pleased to announce the initial test release of version 2.6 is now available for download. A number of key changes were made over the past few weeks since I posted that work had been underway. A number of volunteers assisted with testing and feedback refer to full story for more details.

Review the readme.html - for update and install directions. You need to be running a GL 1.4 or 1.4.1 site.

Download Link: 779

Please post any feedback and issues on my site in the portalparts support forum or on this site in the plugins forum

Summary of features:

  • Integrated Geeklog group security to create restricted forums
  • Support for Readonly Forums - example FAQ use
  • Support for RSS Feeds - now with enhanced formatting and rich content
  • Advanced Moderation features like splitting topics, moving, making sticky
  • Integrated BBcode supports using text mode and bbcode tags to format content
  • Able to now safely just use text mode for posting and still use bbocode and advanced formatting features
  • Enhanced Code Formatting using the Geshi library
  • Automatic notification support for complete forums or topics. Able subscribe to a forum but then selectively un-subscribe to topics
  • Member listing page - able to view all members or just those with forum activity
  • Centerblock for site frontpage or sideblock for users to monitor new posts
  • Support for autotags in topic content and can reference other forum topics using an autotag here
  • Integrated SPAMX and content filtering
  • Integration opion with glMessenger for member private messaging and online smilie admin
  • Easy online admin administration and member control of user preferences

Special thanks to Mark Evans for collaborating with me closely over the past 2 weeks. Mark contributed the new bbcode formatting functions and enhanced the RSS feed feature and printing functions plus other fixes and ideas. I also want to thank the following site members that assisted with testing and feedback

  • Dirk (dhaun)
  • Tony (iowaoutdoors)
  • Wayne (suprsidr)
  • Michael (ironmax)
  • Oliver (tokyoahead)
  • Mark (mediagallery)