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GL_Gallery2 Plugin 0.5.0

  • Wednesday, March 01 2006 @ 09:39 am EST
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Plugins After quite a long delay, I've finally got to v0.5.0 of the Gallery2 integration plugin. This version will allow you to use it with Geeklog 1.4 if you choose to turn off register_globals and automatically maps all users from Geeklog into Gallery2.

You may get more information or download it through my geeklog software page.

v0.5.0 [01 Mar 2006]
* [fix] should work with register_globals off
* [fix] addresses the problem of new users not being able to see the random photo block until after they've visited the gallery
* [new] maps users and their settings into G2 [thanks Anthony Yvanovich]
o whenever a user is added or removed from Geeklog, the user will be added or removed from G2
o whenever a user's info is changed in Geeklog, it will be updated in G2
o when updating to 0.5.0 or installing fresh, all Geeklog users will be mapped into G2

Note: My real work is keeping me too busy to work on this plugin. I will not be able to offer much one-on-one support for it, so please post to the forums whenever possible.

- Andy Maloney