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Geeklog Demo Site

  • Monday, June 21 2004 @ 04:00 pm EDT
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So you want to try out Geeklog, but don't want to install it just yet? Well, now you can, on our Geeklog Demo Site,


On this site, you'll find

  • a default installl of Geeklog 1.3.9sr1
  • the Forum plugin 2.3
  • 78 themes

To get a look "behind the scenes", you can log in as the Admin user and create users, blocks, approve stories, etc. The site is reset every hour, so in case it's getting messed up, simply come back again later.

And before everyone asks, a word on the themes ...

The themes that are installed on demo.geeklog.net have been updated to 1.3.9 manually - and possibly not correctly or completely. So, we're not offering all the themes for download there but suggest you'll have a look in the usual places, i.e.

  • geeklog.net
  • geeklog.info
  • squatty.com
  • www.geeklog.now.pl (Robert, aka Robin, has already updated a lot of themes - Thanks, Robert!)
  • (and geeksta.com, if it ever comes back ...)

The theme changes are documented, so it shouldn't be too hard to update any old themes yourself.