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Command & Control Showing Unauthorized Controls

  • Tuesday, May 13 2003 @ 01:34 am EDT
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Security I just noticed this... Using Admin everything looks cool and signing in as a regular user, things are dandy *but* it seems whomever I give Command and Control access will see unauthorized controls....

Static pages - Chatterblock - Faqman - FileMgmt - Forum - Menu Editor and External pages show up in *their* command and control... *but* if they click on it they're faced with a Access Denied page...

Why is it these icons are showing up in the first place? The moderator clearly doesn't have access rights to static pages and most anything else... Also these plug-ins come from different developers but all have something in common for them to show up...

I am not nailing it... Has anyone seen this before or is this how it works by default?

Thanks for any info on this :)