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iframes SUCK objects SUCK the globe knows nothing?

  • Tuesday, February 11 2003 @ 11:18 am EST
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Announcements I've been searching for the last *"16Hrs"* hours for how to embed foriegn web pages into geeklog... The external pages plug in just doesn't cut it (its great but not for the job)... How in the world can I go about avoiding iframes completely... Please I need o repeat that (**HOW DO I AVOID IFRAMES!!!**) and yet still be able to embed a **whole** web page into geeklog???

It is so unprofessional and childish like to rant the way I am ranting and just for the record my frustrations have nothing to do with Geeklog itself (its great!) I am just dying between a rock and a hard place here!!! **"16Hrs"** and I am pulling up NOTHING!!!!

Please if you haven't the answer give me IDEAS!!, SUGGESTIONS!!, HYPOTHESIS!!, INPUT OF ANY KIND!!

Every time I get closer to solving it I find myself farther from the truth...

I am sorry for my B******* but I needed a place to vent my anger and frustration with iframes... I hope you understand... I feel a little better now... I'm sorry...