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DBA for Geeklog 2 Wanted!

  • Monday, January 13 2003 @ 09:06 pm EST
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Announcements Geeklog 2 is progessing nicely. We have identified PEAR::DB as our PHP DB abstraction libarary and we will support a couple of databases out of the box (which exactly to be determined). To that end, we are in need of a great DBA to help with that effort. Click 'read-more' to get the description of duties Geeklog 2 DBA Duties
  • Experience with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server required, experience with PostgreSQL preferred.
  • Capable of doing Logical and Physical database models
  • Knows how to use trigger and stored procedures. More importantly, knows when to use them
  • Experience optimizing SQL queries and tuning databases
  • Has enough time to keep up with development efforts
  • Can keep schema in supported DBMS's up-to-date

As always, this pays nothing but the rewards are huge (email us for details). If you are interested, send email to contact-us AT geeklog DOT net.