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Plugin Developers Handbook

  • Sunday, December 15 2002 @ 03:22 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Announcements Tom Willett and I have been collaborating on a Developers Guide for Geeklog Plugins. We have included an introduction and walk thru of the Geeklog API's and the Geeklog way of doing things for developers new to Geeklog.

We have added our lessons learned and best practices for developing Geeklog Plugins. Additionally there is good background in the first few sections for Block Developers. There are plenty of example code and a universal plugin installer program that makes it very easy to create a install / uninstall program and functions for your plugin .

There are quite a few APIs and many plugins only use a subset. The Plugin API's are very powerfull and we have included a section outlining the benefits of why a developer would/should choose to use this approach.

Vincent Furia contributed the section on the Moderation API's - which was much appreciated.

We have seen quite an increase in plugin developement over the past months and we hope this handbook will make it even easier for developers to contribute to the community.

The Developers Guide is available on the recently relaunched geeklogplugins site