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Internationalization Addon for languages files

  • Wednesday, December 04 2002 @ 07:41 pm EST
  • Contributed by: Anonymous
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Geeklog Hi there,

I just got the code for this COOOOL site, it\'s great really, I like it and I am goning to use it in my site soon.

Just one thing that I like you developer to add.

* you had a variable named ($LANG_CHARSET) in your language files which makes it easy to decode other languages by browser. BUT

1. I would like you to add the following variables as a standard so your code could be used for internatioal languages such as BIdirectional languages that are displayed from RIGHT TO LEFt:

$LANG_DEFAULT_DIR = \"RTL\" \' RTL for right to left and LTR for left to right direction.
This variable will be appened to the <html> tag as <html dir=rtl> which indecates the direction of page.

Those variables will be uses as to set the default alignment for an item in the page. For some reason, Right To Left laguages should have the value of those variables to be reversed to appear correctly in the page as:

So, in conclusion, it will help to translate the site and give an internationalization hint,

so, bidirectional languages such as \"Arabic\" will use the values:

while langauages such as English will use:

I hope it\'s clear. Tell me if you need and furture explainations.