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performance tuning GL

  • Monday, November 25 2002 @ 07:16 pm EST
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Geeklog.net Hey Folks,

My site is getting REALLY slow, with page creation times averaging 2-3 seconds. Yes, I consider that slow since sites like Pigstye average 1/3 second. And my users are already beginning to complain because it can get up to 5 or 6 seconds.

I\'m running an all-SCSI server with a P2-350. On the weekend I upgraded to 2 CPUs hoping to fix the problem, but that did nothing so it appears CPU was not the problem. My server is literally swimming in RAM with 512MB, and peak usage rarely touches half of that so it NEVER swaps. With this in mind I visted MySQL and read up on tuning their stuff, and did some very generous tuning according to this page http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/Server_parameters.html.

And by \"very generous\" I mean I gave MySQL a tonne of RAM (and am still swimming in it!).

Also on the weekend I did some major optimising of my FreeBSD kernel.

So it ain\'t CPU. It ain\'t RAM. What\'s left? Well, I haven\'t optimised Apache yet, but my buddy is coming over sometime this week to give me a hand with that. Maybe it\'s my disks, I dunno. Usually with perf tuning it\'s either CPU, RAM or Disk, but I would think with a real server architecture and all SCSI I\'d be doing quite well in that department, though.

Someone on Pigstye mentioned a fix for GL when you had lots of registered users - something about creating a new index or something. I did a few searches but could not find anything on this site. Is 180 registered users \'a lot\'?

Is there anything else I should be looking at with GL? One thing I\'d like to try is to convert all my GL DB over to use InnoDB table types as they are supposed to be a lot faster than the default MyISAM. Will GL work if I do that?

Anyway, any tips at all would be appreciated. I think I\'ve done quite a lot so far but it has gotten me nowhere.

BTW, speaking of GL I notice at least a full second more creation time when logged in vs when not logged in. Perhaps I do need the above fix?