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Feature Request - User pref for font size

  • Monday, November 11 2002 @ 06:09 am EST
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I recently announced my new Kevin Horton's RV-8 Page to the world. One user complained about the small font size. I told him to check out the font size items under the View menu in his browser.

Well, there is no way to choose a font size that everyone will like. I know it can be an aggravation to tell my browser to make the font larger or smaller every time I go to a new web site. So, I was wondering - would it be possible on some future version of GL to add a user pref for font size? Something like -2, -1, default, +1, +2. I suspect the answer is no, as I think this would imply a huge amount of overhead when serving pages. Should I add this to the list of Feature Requests, or is it so impossible that I'll get laughed off the web?