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Suggestion: Story Templates

  • Friday, October 18 2002 @ 02:30 pm EDT
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Geeklog Here\'s a suggestion for GL 2. It would be nice to be able to define multiple templates for different stories. And then, during submission, be able to select which template you want.

For instance, you might have one story template that uses the right blocks, and one that doesn\'t. So some stories could go wide and some not as wide, depending on which section they are in. Or, you could get totally wacky and even define different themes for different stories.

Another Idea is that you could have different templates with hard-coded graphics for each topic. Although, I suppose that could be accomplished by tweaking the Topic Icons a lot.

If there\'s a better place to post this, let me know. Or if it\'s been requested a thousand times...or if it\'s lame...or whatever!