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Welcome to Geeklog Tuesday, December 06 2016 @ 07:06 am EST

RDF file and private messages

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Is there a way that I can make particular news items NOT display in my RDF file? My idea is that I may want to have a message that displays to my regular users, but not have it display to a site that scrapes my RDF file.

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  • RDF file and private messages
  • Authored by:Dirk on Thursday, October 10 2002 @ 03:38 pm EDT

The RDF file will (as of 1.3.6) only contain the titles of those stories which are accessible to anonymous users (also this story I just posted for some background information).

Since the RDF file is available without any control whatsoever, it wouldn't make sense otherwise, don't you think?

bye, Dirk

  • RDF file and private messages
  • Authored by:T1Pimp on Thursday, October 10 2002 @ 04:14 pm EDT
Ah! Thanx for the clarification. I hadn\'t tried not posting something readable by anonymous. Looks like Geeklog will already do exactly what I want it to do!

  • RDF file and private messages
  • Authored by:jojo49er on Saturday, April 03 2004 @ 01:55 pm EST
Is there a way to customize the rdf feed. I have several incoming rss and xml feeds and would like them to be included in my published feed. I have a static page where I publish all my incoming headlines and news feeds and would like to include them in my outputted.