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International Reach of Geeklog

  • Sunday, October 06 2002 @ 09:51 am EDT
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Announcements Last week I released my menu plug-in and was amazed at the wide reception it received. Particularly, the international interest. Let me give you some figures to let you know what I mean. The day before I released my plug-in my site received 9 unigue visitors, the day I released the plug-in my site received 189 unique visitors (thats 6956 hits). The second day 138 visitors. The third day 66. The fourth day 31. A normal interest spike.

What I found unusual was the Geographic distribution. I had visitors from at least 30, perhaps as many as 35, different countries (over 10% of ips won\'t resolve). Besides the United States, the top countries were Canada 5%, Netherlands 3%, Denmark 3%, United Kingdom 2%, Germany 2% and Australia 2%.

I exchanged email with people who had websites in Poland, Germany, Australia, Russia, Canada, Belgium and Indonesia. Rather Amazing I thought.