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New Geeklog Forum!

  • Thursday, September 19 2002 @ 07:19 am EDT
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Announcements Hey guys,
In light of GeekLog not having its own forum of any sort to speak of, I have been working with Mr. GxBlock to create one that is integrated right into GL. So far a lot has been done on this project and its development has already reached a status of completion to be considered a forum. lol.
Actually, a lot of features have been added so far. Here is a list of some of them: » Support for multiple topics
» Forum statistics
» Layout customizable by style.css
» Smilies!
» Html in a post is optional and set by admin
» User can preview the post before submitting
» User can edit their post after posting
» 5 start rating system
» Admin can set settings from admin control panel
» Forum is searchable by keywords or author
» Search results can be organized by date, author, replies, or posts
» Most popular posts can be displayed
» A member list
» Plus many more features to come that we are working on right now, or have listed somewhere on a piece of paper.
Also, I have already made a block that displays the most recent posts on the homepage and have also added the option below stories to start a thread about that story.
So, with that in mind, I ask anyone who wants to, to come to my site and take it for a spin. Look around it and see what it can do. Give me feedback on how it works, its bugs, what is missing, and what can be added. You have to register to have access to some of the features. Keep in mind that it is still under constrution and probably has some major faults some places. Your help will allow this forum to become even better and more featured packed!
You can see the forum at Country Web under the forum link on the left hand side.
Thanks for your help guys,