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Using 1.3.6RC1 for new sites?

  • Friday, September 13 2002 @ 07:10 pm EDT
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Geeklog I\'ve installed 1.3.5 for a number of clients but have 3 new sites to install soon.

I\'m wondering if anyone here would go out on a limb and install 1.3.6RC1 for any new sites they\'re doing? Is it better than 1.3.5? By better I mean as stable or more so than 1.3.5, as many or fewer issues than 1.3.5? I\'ve installed 1.3.6 locally on my Mac OS X box, but that hardly constitutes much of a test.

Anyone running a 1.3.6 system on the net with any appreciable traffic?

Any info on when 1.3.6RC2 (or 1.3.6 for that matter) will be blessed?

thanks to the GL dev team,

Landon Cox