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Wanted: Coders, Testers, Hackers, Packagers, Hardware for the InceptionOS Project

  • Tuesday, August 13 2002 @ 12:20 pm EDT
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The InceptionOS Project has openings for coders to create an installation interface and setup tool. The initial instance should be based on an ncurses interface, with the possibility of later including X11.

InceptionOS also needs testers and source hackers who are not intimidated by installing an entire distribution from scratch, without an interface. InceptionOS is looking to convert its current Red Hat RPM packaging to Debian format. Packagers should be familiar with Debian's DEB package format if interested in performing the conversion.

The InceptionOS Project aims to become the first distribution to boast full LSB compliance, and according to our own (unofficial) testing, we're already 95% compliant.

A valid Sourceforge ID is required prior to application in order to be considered for the Project. If you do not have one, sign up at SourceForge.net for a free account and ID.

To browse the existing packages, contact Kelledin with a request for the FTP address at which they are located.

Also needed and greatly appreciated are any donations of server hardware, web space, and related resources for the project. Please contact Michael with offers.

For consideration for the InceptionOS Project, please contact Michael at xpl2@users.sourceforge.net (testers, web space & hardware donations) or Kelledin at kelledin@users.sourceforge.net (testers, coders, hackers, packagers, FTP requests) with a brief explanation of experience and desired tasks.

For more information, visit the InceptionOS Project web site at: http://www.sf.net/projects/maxlinux/