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common questions.

  • Tuesday, July 30 2002 @ 05:38 pm EDT
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Geeklog I\'ve been collecting common mistakes and errors from the comments every now and then. Here they are (just a few at the moment). Might be useful to add some to the end of the FAQ.


Q: Is there any way to disallow anonymous comment posting? I want to ensure that only valid users can post a comment.
A: Yes, you can. Set $_CONF[\'commentsloginrequired\'] = 1; in your config.php.

Q: How does one post a dollar sign in a story?
A: It\'s a bug in Geeklog that should be resolved when 1.3.6 comes out. Use $ as a workaround until then.

Q: How do I create a page of \"FAQs\", \"Are you secure?\", \"Downloads\" etc. like the ones on GeekLog? Is this some plugin?
A: These are static pages. Just create a new static page and check the \"add to menu\" option so that they are added to your menu bar.

Q: Is there any way of getting the backslashes to appear in a story without them being stripped?
A: Try submitting in HTML mode and use the char code for \\ \ or use double backslashes in text mode (no preview - just submit). If you edit, you will need to reenter the double bakslashes as one will be stripped.

Q: How I create a new theme? What the files I have change?
A: There\'s a theme how-to in your docs directory - start there. Themes start with header.thtml which builds the site\'s header and then goes on to include the left column of blocks (look for the variable left_blocks and the leftblocks.thtml file). The middle part of a site is built of the stories (storytext.thtml / storybodytext.thtml). The footer.thtml file then builds the right column of blocks (variable right_blocks, file right_blocks.thtml) and the site\'s footer. Blocks themselves consist of the blockheader.thtml and blockfooter.thtml files.

Q: I get an error like this with \"permission denied\": what\'s wrong? Warning: fopen(\"/var/www/html/blog/geeklog/logs/error.log\", \"a\") - Permission denied in /var/www/html/blog/geeklog/public_html/lib-common.php on line 809
A: You have not set your directory permissions correctly. Read the installation instructions again or run http://yoursite/admin/install/check.php to see what is wrong.