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Themes Section?

  • Thursday, July 25 2002 @ 03:44 am EDT
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Geeklog I've been rummaging around the layouts directory and am astounded by the hundreds of pieces that go into making a theme. Which of the components must be defined in a theme for it to be complete? (Digital Monochrome, Classic, and Yahoo all contain ~165 files. XSilver, Gameserver, and Clean contain 235-255 files.)

Do template sets all have the same set of .thtml files? (Classic contains 101 .thtml files while Clean contains 105.) How are template files pulled-in? Is there a pre-determined set of template files that must be present? Where can I find a list of these files? e.g., Which .php file handles the templates?

What about the items in the braces? Where are these defined? Are these extensable or can PHP code be embedded directly in the .thtml files?

Why isn't there a "Themes" Section on GL? That would be "the place" for this message...