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Geeklog/phplinks Integratoin

  • Friday, July 12 2002 @ 02:18 pm EDT
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Announcements I've made significant progress on the Geeklog/phplinks integration! In fact, my site is now using phplinks! At a glance, the features of the integration include the following:

  • Replaced existing links.php page (both display and submit) with a fully wrapped (right/left blocks) phplinks page
  • Incorporated GL user attributes for link submission and admin features
  • Updated What’s New block to account for new links added via phplinks
  • Updated search logic to query phplinks
  • Updated stats page to include phplinks (counts & hits)
  • Updated stats page to include top 10 phplinks (counts & hits)
  • Updated GL admin block to account for new links
  • Update GL admin submissions page to account for new links (yes…the existing edit, approval, and delete process still works!!)
  • Secured phpliks admin pages via the GL admin security system
  • The only open item is the integration of the phplinks admin interface. I plan on wrapping up the admin interface and documentation over the weekend with the intent of releasing the “official” package by 7/19. If you’re interested in beta testing contact me via email and I will forward you the initial pre-release.