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phpBB2 hack for geeklog released!

  • Thursday, June 27 2002 @ 02:10 pm EDT
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Announcements See, I told you I would do it :)

Anyway, I guess I\'ll go over the features again...

This package will convert existing geeklog users to phpbb2 and automatically add new users to phpbb2. Users and Admins can change account information such as passwords and the information will be converted to phpbb2 immediately as well! <B>Note: Automatic logins will be added in the future release and registering for this site is required in order to download and for me to be able to send out email for major bug fixes if there are any.</B> Please take all phpbb issues up with phpbb.com. I\'ve been working hard on scripts for a while now so I\'m gonna take two days off. If you have any problems hit up the forum and I\'m sure people who successfully installed the hack will be glad to help you. Enjoy!