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phpBB up and ...

  • Saturday, May 25 2002 @ 11:42 pm EDT
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Geeklog ... crawling along on all fours like an amnesiac with a hangover? http://g-comm.net/ is pleased to announce the almost working installation of phpBB, integrated into Geeklog. Well, I use the term \"integrated\" in the loosest possible sense.

Login does not carry over from Geeklog to phpBB, however logout does. Attempting to view the forums without being logged in produces errors.

Anyway, I believe this is only the second known case of someone being stupid enough to waste a weekend on this? (sigh) And they only ever remember the first person to do anything...

Thanks a lot Tony for the installation kit and documentation. Some issues I had:
The installation went fine (two databases, gcomm_log and gcomm_phpBB) but the final step (moving Geeklog users to gcomm_phpBB) crashed saying error near this line of in function create_phpbb_users($db) in phpBB/install.php:

$result = DB_query(\"SELECT uid, username, passwd, email, regdate FROM WHERE uid > 1 ORDER BY uid\");

In the end, I copy-pasted the data from one DB to the other using phpMyAdmin. After that, no major problems. It was not clear from your notes where to paste a few lines of code after $passwd = md5($passwd); in admin/user.php, as that line appears twice, but the first occurrence seemed more logical.

For both phpBB and Gallery, login is not carrying over. I\'ll be looking into this from now and post any news.