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Smooth Blue Theme in CVS

  • Monday, May 13 2002 @ 11:43 pm EDT
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Announcements Howdy everyone ... I've finished the first phase of my new theme. It's called Smooth Blue and it's sitting in the CVS for people to test. Once I'm happy it's ready for prime time, I'll include it into this site, and I'm sure it will be included in the next release. The theme actually isn't as good as I wanted it to be, as I found some problems with our usage of the template system. Mainly, this has to do with 'blocks' inside the template -- and that's TEMPLATE blocks not GEEKLOG blocks. A Template block is like a if/then/else type of thing where you load different 'slices' of html depending on the values given to the template itself.

This is something I'll investigate once my ToDo list is reduced a bit. I want to revisit the calendar code and possibly the story code also.

This theme uses the CSS file for quite a bit, like loading all the interace graphics .. rather than using them hard-coded into the HTML. Why I hear you ask? Well, two reasons. First, it's easy to write and update things, including giving the thing a whole new look. Secondly, printing a page with this system does NOT show the interface graphics, giving the page a clean look - sort of like an instant print template.

Anyway, take a look, provide some feedback, and find any bugs in it that I've missed.