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On Localisation

  • Monday, May 06 2002 @ 12:30 am EDT
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This story is mainly intended for those running a Geeklog site in a language other than English ...

In an attempt to get rid of the last pieces of hard-coded english text in Geeklog, I've spent most of last weekend working my way through the code, following long lists provided by Lolo Fernandez and Serhiy Kuzhanov (Thanks!), but also moving bits and pieces I found along the way (and fixing some minor bugs as well). So what we have now (in CVS, that is) is a version of Geeklog that localises properly when you switch the language file.

Which brings up a crucial point: We are in desperate need of updated language files!

Of the 9 language files which ship with Geeklog 1.3.5, only the English and German files are up to date. If you switch to any of the other languages you will be missing some text - which in some cases could even lead to loss of data, e.g. when you can't tell whether a button would do a 'save' or a 'delete' ...

So I would like to appeal to those running a Geeklog site in a language other than English or German: You must have had that problem and surely you must have fixed it? So please send in your changes and additions to the language files (or even completely new language files, if you made a new translation) so that we can add them to the distribution. You will be helping those who speak the same language as well as the whole Geeklog community. Thank you.

bye, Dirk

P.S. And a quick reminder that there is a Geeklog site for those who speak German over at geeklog.info.