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Geeklog 1.3.4 released

  • Thursday, March 07 2002 @ 03:23 pm EST
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Announcements Yes, the updates seem to come fast and furious. This release came today mainly in preparation for production releases of a couple plugins. I have decided to completely drop web-based installation of plugins because, from our beta usage, it has become a complete support nightmare.

Instead, we are going for a fast, simple and manual approach to installing plugins. I will be release the first production quality version of the Static Pages Plugin tomorrow that uses the new system. For a complete list of changes click 'read more'. Otherwise you can get the download from here.

    Changes in 1.3.4:
  • Fixed broken older stories block (lib-common.php)
  • Fixed problems with saving rights to a group in admin/group.php (admin/group.php)
  • Fixed bug in admin/user that would reset user's settings when admin made a change (admin/user.php)
  • Fixed bug in index.php. There were two FOR loops, one nested inside the other both interating on the variable $i. This caused problems only for users who went into display preferences and selected only the topics they wanted to get articles for (index.php)
  • Fixed bug in story admin that would prevent the date edit from prepopulating right when admin hit the preview button (admin/story.php)
  • Modified admin/plugin.php to reflect change in how plugins are installed. Because of platform dependance issues, all plugins will have a simple but manual installation process. This should work across all platforms. (admin/plugin.php, layout/Yahoo/admin/plugins/pluginlist.thtml,layout/Classic/admin/plugins/pluginlist.thtml, layout/Digital_Monochrome/admin/plugins/pluginlist.thtml)
  • Altered the database to force all stories to show on the frontpage by default. This will make the moderation of articles work as expected. Before if you approved an article it would show up only in the topic and not on the frontpage (mysql_tableanddata.sql, table.sql, mysql_1.3.3_to_1.3.4.sql)